State Of The Realm: March

It has been a month of intense ups and downs, back here in the smut factories. Our sound director and good friend Spam passed unexpectedly, and we’ve taken a short while to find our bearings again. He is succeeded by a kindly group of volunteers: HereToHelp as coordinator, Mokkel and GerdGenus as engineers, and GreyScale as SFX artist. Together, we will finish the work that …

Quick Update: November 2022

Version 4.4.3 is released! This is our final interim update before our long-awaited foray into Act V - which is planned for 29th December 2022. In the meantime you can enjoy beautiful animated scenes, remastered and expanded music, and other treats besides.

State Of The Realm: July 2022

The last couple of months have heralded a significant expansion of our numbers - the recruitment of Korwu as our second scene artist, HereToHelp as our newest writer, and the return of old hands like Mattrex, DoItToJulia, and Undoodle. This has given us a considerable boost in getting the rest of version 5 done, and we’ve already finished our second phase of playtesting. …

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