State Of The Realm: January 2022

I hope this deep, dark midwinter (for those in the northern hemisphere) finds you well! Midwinter is always a tricky time for development, between festivities and seasonal blues and winter colds (which are particularly popular this year). But we’re continuing our work, and fighting the lewd fight. An update on how it’s all going:

Our current focus is Act V. We’ve discovered that there’s a lot of new ground we want to cover – in conversations, worldbuilding, new scenes and choices – so our writers will be busy with that for a little while. Mina’s new content alone covers ten thousand words (and counting), to give you a sense of the scale we’re working at.

But we’re not going to leave you completely dry for new content in the interim. We have another full consort arc in the works, as well as more Dreamweaver scenes that will appear in the next couple of months. And all this industry on the writing side has given us an unusual glut of freedom for our art, which we’re putting to good use.

I’m working with Lubbio to hone our existing scene art, and produce some additional variations. Irrelevant is producing a new set of character emotes and clothing changes, while Amon Ra is reworking our old idle animations to unify our art style and proportions. You can catch their art streams on our Discord server, alongside GreyScale (voice of Rhyll and the dragon) doing some live miniatures painting.

There’s also some exciting news on the art front – I am working with a new splash artist to provide illustrations for some of our more exciting non-lewd scenes. It’s still a bit too early to share progress with you, but hopefully you’ll see the first of their artifice soon.

Finally, we had to put a pause on voice acting for a little while due to budget constraints, but thanks to the support we’ve received lately we can start recording once again. Marina (voice of Adeline, Chia, Marie-Anne, Mina, and Naho) has a new studio set up, and will be once more lending her voice to our cast.

With that, I’m going to leave you with a special new year’s present from Irrelevant Art – a delightful pin-up of Adeline, enclosed in desktop and phone background sizes. Here’s to another glorious year – cheers!

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