State Of The Realm: March

It has been a month of intense ups and downs, back here in the smut factories. Our sound director and good friend Spam passed unexpectedly, and we’ve taken a short while to find our bearings again. He is succeeded by a kindly group of volunteers: HereToHelp as coordinator, Mokkel and GerdGenus as engineers, and GreyScale as SFX artist. Together, we will finish the work that he was so eager to complete.

In brighter news, we have a new full-time member of the team: Mattrex, who is stepping up as our lead writer. It’s highly likely that you’ve enjoyed Mattrex’s writing for Heloise, Malice, Malagar, Naho, and more; now you’ll get to enjoy much more of it, as he can commit completely to the project. Congratulations, Mattrex! And thank you, all – your ongoing support is what has enabled us to grow, and will continue to be seeded back into making an ever-better game for you.

Looking forwards at the next few months, our first priority is completing our Act V Chapter One waifu content; Naho and Maelys have been waiting very patiently, and both will get extra time in the limelight. We will also be adding hordes – your various mortal and lair factions have important roles to play in Act V, and all have more dimensions we’d like to explore. These elements will be added as soon as they’re completed, in our regular monthly updates. Once they are done, Chapter One will come to a rather thrilling conclusion in the v510 major update, expected this summer.

And to look backwards, if you’ll indulge me: March marks the fourth anniversary of Ravager’s initial (and very modest) release. Back then it was one-and-a-half Acts of whatever I could cobble together during my commutes. We have come an extraordinary way since then! To mark the occasion, we are having a celebration on Discord this weekend (March 18th). Please come along if you’d like to join us for AMAs, online games, and general frivolity.

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