State Of The Realm: December

Ah, the curse of H-development! I’m not going to lie, it has been a rocky month or two for those of us tending the smut-engines. Both of my co-editors were struck down by multiple woes, which has squeezed our pipeline considerably. But if you’re thinking this is a preamble to announce a delay, you’d be wrong – we still plan to launch on the 29th December, assuming I can avoid whatever meteors are headed my way. Doing anything of note has always required making rude gestures at fate.

We might not be able to add all the bells and whistles that we originally planned, but that’s the joy of iterative development – we can always add more content, once this vital foundation is in place. At very minimum, you can expect fresh interactions with all the main members of the cast, and a proper introduction to the court mechanic. That alone makes this the largest update we’ve ever made, and I am very keen to share the results with you.

Whether you are thirsty for new character developments, or pregnant waifus, or a god-king’s authority, or just tasty lore, you’ll find something to satisfy you. And much more is to come in the new year, when we can move on from the nuts-and-bolts, and take advantage of the powerful new frameworks we’ve created.

I’m going to make this update rather brief, because I’m sure you’d all rather I got back to work as quickly as possible. The results will speak for themselves! In the meantime I hope you wrap up warm, enjoy whichever holidays are in fashion in your neck of the woods, and look forward to a spectacular climax at the end of the year.

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